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To leverage the collective power of the eight EFAI communities, LISC convenes a monthly Food Justice Collaboration. The Collaboration membership consists of the organizations that responded to LISC’s EFAI RFP. These 40 individuals and 24 organizations representing the eight EFAI communities meet monthly under a Community Agreement to build relationships, advocate for policy change, and execute funds development leveraging their collective voice, share best practice and challenges, learn collectively, and develop additional assets and the connection between them to build a sustainable food system that assures food security for all residents. 


Alex Hughes, Southeast Neighborhood Development Corporation

Allegra Maldanado, Mapleton-Fall Creek Community Development Corporation

Angie Reyes, West Indy Development Corporation

Annie Smith, Sista2Sista

Ashley Gurvitz, United Northeast Development Corporation

Ayenna Madden, Center of Wellness for Urban Women

Barato Britt, Edna Martin Christian Center

Brandon Cosby, Flanner House

Caleb Sutton, Hawthorne Community Center

Cheria Caldwell, CAFÉ-Far Eastside Neighborhood Center

Chrissy Petersen, Westminster

Corinne Nicole Chatterton, Purdue Extension

Danielle Guerin , Soul Food Project Indy

Elan Daniel, Mapleton-Fall Creek Community Development Corporation

Emily Djabi, Southeast Neighborhood Development Corporation

Imhotep Adisa, Kheprw Institute

LaKeisha Jackson, Pathway Community Center

Jamal Smith, IU Health Foundation

James Taylor, John Boner Neighborhood Centers

Joe Bowling, Englewood Community Development Corporation

John Franklin Hay, Near East Area Revitalization

Kelli Mirgeaux, Southeast Neighborhood Development Corporation

Kendra Nowell, CAFÉ-Far Eastside Neighborhood Center

LaShauna Triplett, MLT Outreach

Lisa Laflin, West Indy Development Corporation

Maggie Goeglein, Edna Martin Christian Center

Melissa Benton , John Boner Neighborhood Centers

Michael McKillip, Midtown Inc.

Milele Kennedy , City of Indianapolis

Peggy Frame, Southeast Neighborhood Development Corporation

Rhonda Bayless, Center of Wellness for Urban Women

Ron Rice, Flanner House

Sabae Martin, Butler Tarkington Neighborhood Association

Sibeko Jywanza, Flanner House

Summer Burks, DIP-IN/UNEC

Tanja Johnson, Mt. Carmel CDC

Telisa Lloyd, Hawthorne Community Center

Vivian Muhammad, Elephant Gardens

Angela Babb, Ostrom/LISC Consultant

Angie Raymond, Ostrom/LISC Consultant

Randall Davis, LISC Food Systems Consultant

Stacey Giroux, Ostrom/LISC Consultant

Northeast Steering Committee

Rhonda Bayless, Center of Wellness for Urban Women

Ashley Gurvitz, UNEC

Summer Burkes, DIP-IN

Nicki Gilbert, Anthem

Dr. Kim McElroy Jones, Eskenazi

Ron Gibson, Devonshire Neighborhood Association

Michael McFarland, Indy Fresh Market

Danielle Guerin , Soul Food Projects

Joyce Randolph, Elephant Gardens

Vivian Muhammad, Elephant Gardens

Chelsey Winters, Indy YMCA

Rachel Lowry, MCPHD/REACH

Gregory Garrett, City of Indy MNA

Autumn Lowry, Horizon House

Gretchen Gutman, Cook Group

Lashauna Triplett, MLT Outreach

Ayenna Madden, CWUW

Shelbi Cummings, LISC

Randall Davis, LISC Consultant

Falicia Brewer, LISC Consultant

Stacey Giroux, LISC Consultant/Ostrom Workshop

Angela Babb, LISC Consultant/Ostrom Workshop

Angie Raymond, LISC Consultant/Ostrom Workshop

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