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Fresh bucks update

The Fresh Bucks program is getting an update! Since 2014 participating farmers’ markets in Indianapolis have offered SNAP recipients a match of up-to $20 to use on fresh fruits and vegetables. This month the Marion County Public Health Department (MCPHD) rolled out the new Fresh Bucks Card at our three winter farmers’ markets. Now, instead of receiving $2 checks for their Fresh Bucks match, SNAP users will get their match loaded electronically onto cards. The new cards will make the shopping experience much more streamlined for customers, vendors, and market managers alike.

These new Fresh Bucks Cards will also allow us to expand accessibility for the match beyond farmers’ markets. Starting late this summer, Fresh Bucks will be accepted at local grocery stores. Make sure to check back in future editions of The Beet for details on using Fresh Bucks to buy fresh fruits and vegetables at local grocery stores!

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