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Indy Black Loam

This weekend Indianapolis hosted the Black Loam Conference in partnership with Legacy Taste of the Garden, IUPUI, Lawrence Community Gardens, and the Moore Heritage project.

Legacy Taste of the Garden is Indiana's oldest Black farm settlement, working since 1855. The conference featured Jerry Raynor as a keynote speaker from NRCS, who acknowledged historic discrimination by the USDA. Mr. Raynor emphasized that, while the organization is rebuilding its accountability, farmers should put trust individuals who can work for them. Building strong relationships with representatives is key to channeling state/federal resources and holding institutions accountable.

Several Indianapolis representatives shared their work in agriculture. These included: Urban Patch New Age Provisions Lawrence Community Gardens Flanner Farms

Do you want to connect with other Black farmers around Indiana? Contact Legacy Taste of the Garden or any of the farmers above to add your voice to this network!

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