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Market Spotlight:Community Controlled Food Initiative (CCFI)

Kheprw Institute’s CCFI is in its 6th year of operation bringing fresh food to the community. Each month of the year, CCFI distributes 40-70 shares of fresh food sourced from Indiana farmers. Customers can order online by the Saturday before delivery, and then pick up their bags at the Growin’ Good in the Hood campus. Participation exploded at the onset of COVID, says program manager Mimi Zakem, and has stayed high ever since. Volunteers assemble the pickup bags on Saturday and then customers drive through to gather their items. CCFI also sells bags to a senior living facility every month.

CCFI consistently sources from Johnnie Raber and Full Hand Farm, as well as Marion County farmers like Lawrence Community Gardens and The Elephant Gardens. New customers are always welcome! Learn more about CCFI and the Kheprw Institute here.

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